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Anmchara 23
 Varg never expected he would feel so sad by turning 18. It had been one of the things he most wished; the freedom, the responsability, the driving lessons and using his mom's car to go out with Ammelia, going everywhere he wanted when he wanted...
 But being 18 meant that Ammelia would be 18 too, and she would leave.
 So there was this day Varg was playing something on the guitar. He wasn't really paying attention and when he realized Helene was standing at the door, a concerned look on her face. Varg put his guitar aside and his mother came to sit on the bed next to him:
 -Lately you play a lot of sad things. - she said. Varg shook his head:
 -It's called grimness, you know nothing about black metal...
 -And you look sad and distant, is everything alright between you and Melly?
 Varg offered her a 'that's-not-your-business' look and she smiled:
 -You know, you're 18, you're almost an adult, you never gave me trouble, you did it well
:iconamelia666db:amelia666db 5 7
Anmchara 22
 Varg rang the doorbell. Yes, there he was, about to join Ammelia's birthday party! Not exactly a party, but a lunch.
 She opened the door:
 -I should wish you a happy birthday, but I'll start by warning that just because now you're 16 too, I'm still older and you'll still have to respect me! - the boy mumbled and wrapped his arms around her:
 -No cake for you, then. - she replayed and pulled him inside.
 Varg already knew Irish people were happy people, he just didn't know they could be even more happier. The sound of music, laughter and barkings filled the house. How could only five Irish be so noisy?? Five Irish and the dog-army...
 When he realized, he was sitting at the table between her twin brothers. Her parents were nice to him, just because it was a special day. Still the boy was very quiet, not sure if he should talk to those people or just shut up and eat, something he was already doing. Deep inside he felt a little left aside and wondered why d
:iconamelia666db:amelia666db 3 5
Anmchara 13
  In the pause Ammelia sat in a lonely place of the yard and picked up a book from her bag. Varg looked at her, building a beautiful speech on his mind; Hitler would probably be proud of it! He shyly sat beside her:
  -Hello? - he called. She ignored him - Hello? - ignored again. Varg hated to be ignored, and he couldn't help but hit her book. She fuzilated him with those big green eyes, making Varg feel he was in troubles and forget about his beautiful speech.
  Lesson 1, no spiders; lesson 2, beautiful speeches are useless.
  She stood up and was about to go away when Varg held her hand, carefuly:
  -Mel? - he called. She stopped for a moment, and then slowly turned around to face him. Varg froze, wondering if 'Mel' was some Irish coarse word. She raised her eyebrows:
  -What did you call me? - she asked, trying to sound cold:
  -Hmm... Mel. - the boy replayed. Maybe she didn't like... He squeezed her hand a little
:iconamelia666db:amelia666db 3 5
Anmchara 8
  It was a half past seven when Helene heard someone knocking at the door. She looked at the clock in the wall and frowned:
  -Varg worry up! - she demanded, making her way to the door. She opened it and Ammelia smilled, shyly - Oh, hello dear!
  -Good mornin'. - the girl said - Is... is Varg there?
  -Oh yes, he's drying his hair... I hope... come in, it's cold! - Ammelia entered the house and Helene closed the door behind her - He always takes too long in the shower, what am I going to do with him?
  Ammelia just smilled and watched Helene going upstairs. She felt a little nervous and wondered if the Norwegian lad was feeling better. Then she heard voices and Varg came downstairs, very bored, his hands on his pockets and his hair a little wet. When he noticed the Irish girl he frowned, surprised, jumped the last 3 steps and walked towards her:
  -So... are you better? - she asked, and she shyly stood on the point of her toes
:iconamelia666db:amelia666db 7 4
Anticipation by ZarnitZoey
Mature content
Anticipation :iconzarnitzoey:ZarnitZoey 33 22
Anmchara 1
  15 year old Varg Vikernes sat at his desk, bored. It was the year of 1988 and Summer vacations were over. Now he was back to that school of retardeds. And those vacations had been so awesome!! He had even started a band!
  He blowed his fringe away from his left eye. He had decided he wanted to have long hair, and after a lot of argues and that time of vacations, he had came back to school with his dark blond hair by his shoulders.
  He looked around, bored, very bored. His school mates were all idiots, stupids. They weren't inteligent or smart, they were just... retardeds. Retardeds of Noway! And he was among them!
  Then the teacher claimed for silence, and slowly the class calmed down. The middle aged man smilled:
  -Well, I see you're all very happy! - he exclaimed, making Varg roll his blue eyes and look outside through the window - And I suppose you'll be even more happy when I present you our new student!
  The young
:iconamelia666db:amelia666db 6 4
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